What do you consider to be the start of an apocalypse?


So this question hasn’t been in use by the average person for quite a while or at least until the start of the zombie craze. While there are have always been theories thrown around about when or why an apocalypse would begin, it wasn’t until The Walking Dead comics and t.v. show that it became the most common theory.

At last my job which was at a convenience store, the running joke when the truck delivered supplies was, if  bread and toilet paper were fully stocked then the Zombie Apocalypse could happen anytime because we were prepared. It was a normal way to joke around and talk about what we would do if it really happened. In just a few short years, society has gone from laughing at doomsday preppers to curiously finding out how to be a little more self-sufficient in case something does go wrong. nuclear-disaster

As I was cleaning out the filing cabinets at my current job as office manager, I found a file labeled “Nuclear Disaster”. I was very curious and opened this file expecting it to be from the 1950’s or 1960’s, what I found instead were instructions on how to insure your immediate survival from the year 2010. While grossly mis-filed, this reminded me that everyone has an idea of what they consider to be an apocalypse. The person that put this file together was certain that nuclear disaster would be problematic to their immediate survival.

I grew up in a home where the idea of prepping was common placed, but not from zombies. These days while I know an actual zombie event wouldn’t happen, the idea of how it might go is not that hard for me to imagine. Is it something I worry about on a daily basis? No. An apocalyptic event could happen through terror attacks, illness/disease, riots or simple zombie bite, in the end it doesn’t really matter how it starts, but how you plan to survive.