Five problems with social media

Blog #1 of April’s writing challenge: Five problems with social media.


Well, I had to think about this statement for a while before I could actually comment on problems with social media. I personally enjoy social media and see a lot of good uses for this type of communication with people who are scattered all over the world. So I will try to find some of the more unusual problems to discuss in today’s blog.

  1. Nosy-ness – Yes, I said it. Being in each other’s personal lives for absolutely no reason. When did we need to know where everyone was going that day or what they had for dinner?
  2. Addiction – We are addicted to all forms of social media, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, and YouTube. It has become a living breathing instrument of we must know what is happening all the time. Everyone has to check in or post so that the world will know exactly what is going on every minute.
  3. Drama – It is a very real problem. We all know a person that posts their extremely personal problems online and then invites the trolls (their friends) to comment with their opinions on what they should or should not do about the situation. EVERYONE has to weigh in because if we don’t then that poor person will have absolutely no idea what they should do with THEIR LIFE.
  4. Oversharing – By telling everyone that you are leaving for vacation, you are inviting the crooks to come visit while you are gone. Announcing that you are drinking or going to do illegal things while calling in sick is not really recommended when you are friends with your boss on social media. This problem of blurting out too much information can cause loss of jobs, friends and in some extreme cases jail time
  5. Time-consuming – It sucks the time out of your life. There is no other explanation for this except that there is a time sucking demon that constantly says… “Oh, she liked this post, now I can send her 200 more cat videos or memes of superheroes. HEHEHE.” We are constantly using all of our available time and effort to monitor a social media channel while we miss doing other important things with our families. We all know it happens, “I’ll just pop in and see what’s going on or I’ll just be a minute.” Three hours later we wonder why we are sore from sitting in the same position for so long.

So there you have it. Five problems with social media and for each problem there is also an upside as to where and how we spend our time. I’m sure you can figure out what those could be and I would love to hear your comments for a follow-up on the good things about social media. TTFN