My slice of Peace on Earth.

12358301_10153334324177643_411884743_nIt’s that time of year, Christmas and Thanksgiving followed by New Years. I love it because while hectic I really do enjoy the hustle and bustle that being with extended family brings. Both sides of my family are large with 25-35 on each side, while my husband’s is smaller, but just as crazy. I am always late putting up my tree because my business/ job is centralized around Christmas time so I have my own version of crazy.

My oldest daughter couldn’t wait to put up the  tree so I let her go ahead while I was at work with my poor hubby had to oversee the ordeal. When I got home it seemed like Christmas had exploded all over the staircase, bookcases and every stocking that we own hanging in the hall. (I have several extra to change things up each year.) There were at least 10+ stockings and we only need 5 for those in our house, but they were all out and proudly displayed. One year she decorated her personal tree with the wiggly sprinkler as her garland, not my idea of decorations, but she was only six at the time.

Now, I’m old fashioned in that the day after Thanksgiving I must start listening to Christmas music to get me in the mood. Shopping, while fun is not what makes the holidays for me, they can only really start after we arrive at Granny’s house.

As the years pass the home has moved once or twice, but it’s the people and the atmosphere that make it home. I walk in and breath a sigh of relief that I’m home and among those that love me. From being grand-children to having children of our own, the type of responsibilities may have changed, but somehow the core remains the same. “Christmas Eve” could be held days after the actual date, but it begins for our family as we unload vehicles full of food, presents and ourselves until the hallway is full of hugging, happy people glad that we are all there. Snack food is quickly prepared and eaten as we all wait for the big moment. The Presents! Garbage bags and scissors at the ready, while seats are found on the floor wherever a spot can be found as we wait for the matriarch to read us the Christmas story from Luke 2. Old and young listen to the story of a baby’s birth in a stable, the mothers are teary as they imagine a birth taking place so far from home while the dads are contemplating how they could have found something better for their son to be birthed into the world. While the children listen quietly for a  change. (Okay, they are just waiting for the presents.)

Our tradition to read the story began after a disastrous trip to the Christmas Eve service where hair was singed by the candles for the service. Deciding it w as safer for everyone to have our own moment with the story read at home so that all candles and flames could be monitored.

The children help hand out gifts and the opening starts with the youngest and continues until the oldest have all opened one each and then we go around the group again until all gifts have been opened. After the mess is cleaned up and the gifts are stored, the adults sit around trying to decide which new movie the group should watch. Eventually all have fallen asleep and Christmas is concluded to be over. For me the faces have grown older and we have added new ones over the years, but the traditions have been passed down to another generation of Paris descendants who will be eagerly awaiting next year’s travel to Granny’s house. So I have my Thanksgiving at the end of Christmas each year because I have such a loving, caring place to call home for the holidays where there really is peace on earth until the children start fighting over if they have to share their new toys. Oh, well maybe next year the peace will last just a little longer. One can always hope.



The Star Wars Marathon at the Paris Casa.

12219342_10153281142972643_178855554165656241_n We began the day at my uncle’s house to start watching Star War’s Episode 1, The Phantom Menace around 10 am on Saturday, November 7th. Many shirts and slogans worn as everyone claimed their seats on couches and beanbags around the room. We started out with 10 in attendance and made it through in great time with a wonderful sound system that gave the feeling of being present when the races began. Young Anakin Skywalker was so cute as he gazed in wonder at the beautiful Padme’ the whisper around the room was “underage much”. JarJar Binks was pronounced annoying and we were all sad that he didn’t die at any point to relieve our frustration at his stupidity. As the movie ended we rushed to the kitchen for our food during our break.

As we scrounged around the donuts and chips with salsa, it was decided that only ten minutes would be allotted for breaks so that we could finish the marathon on time. As I sat back down in my beanbag chair with my current craft project the theme music began as we all hummed along with start of the second segment of our marathon.

Episode 2, The Attack of the Clones was met with great enthusiasm. As Anakin and the Queen became closer, there was a sudden exodus from the room to ignore the awkward moments as their love on screen could not be ignored. Heaven forbid we fast forward as that would have caused the overall authenticity of the event to be compromised. So a food refill and restroom break ensued while we check on the activity on screen until it was deemed safe to return. The movie was finished without any further cause for alarm and we raced to the kitchen to start the oven for the pizza rolls and chicken balls along with other finger food to be consumed as the next movie was started.

Episode 3, The Revenge of the Sith began and we all began to get restless. During the break we lost two of our number as they had dates for the evening, so we continued on without them.

12140768_10153281578507643_2879331486016927036_n Emotions were running high as (spoiler alert) Skywalker began to turn to the dark side. His anger grew as we waited for the moment when he made the fateful choice to embrace his fear. Comments were made about the poor younglings and how this act sealed the direction Darth Vader would follow. Unbeknownst to several of our number, a secret texting group was started to include the missing matriarch. (We didn’t want her to feel left out since she was out of town. The reason for the marathon’s creation.)

20151107_171110 “He’s here!” was the first text and the incredulous reply, “I know. I’m in the same room”.  And so it begins…

Star Wars, Episode 4 was starting as I left for a short while to attend to a family obligation, I was called back as the text messages continued and I couldn’t afford to miss much of this movie I have seen multiple times. (Sarcasm intended). When the battle station was destroyed, a scream of joy erupted, loud enough to ensure everyone was wide, awake. The feeling of exhilaration was enough to motivate the group to hurry for re-enforcements of food.

Episode 5, The Empire Strikes Back A short break later I arrived back to the scene, my chair had grown cold so I snuggled into a blanket and prepared to be wowed. I was but in a completely different way than I had expected. As they were surrounded by ice and snow, one of our crowd burst into song with “Let it Snow, Let it Snow…” The text messages and remarks continued to grow as we watched Luke with Yoda, who by the way grew old and began to show his age by hitting Luke with his cane in the way of all true geriatrics. I don’t remember there being this many snakes being here on the island. It just had to be snakes. Ugh!

The text began to fly fast and furiously between the members…

Our missing member stated, “Please stop.”(the texts) to which the group replied, ” I hope they stop the Galactic Empire as well.” (smirking to the member several states away.)

“Be mindful of asteroid fields when trying to impress a girl, it can be rocky”

“Hans will have to get the princess out on his Falcon. I’m sure he’s devastated by this news.”

“Han ‘likes’ this comment.”

“He’s rethinking that choice at the moment.”

(Missing member) “I’m getting concerned about you guys.”

“As well you should. 😉 ”


“OMG!!! Spoiler!!!”

“Spoiler alert!!!” A little too late to bring that information back, I think.

“I married the dark side, but I will not join it!”  (Speaks the missing member.)

“You will, you will.”

“Now to find Han.”

12187866_10153282115082643_6607231094471779315_n Before we began the last Episode, Return of the Jedi, we chose to have dessert, ice-cream since BlueBell is back on the shelves. As the sugar rush settled in, a quiet fell over the group as we waited for the end to occur. The cuteness of the Ewoks was discussed and everyone groaned when they died heroically. Where was Legolas when you needed him to take down the AT-ST’s?

The tenseness could be felt as Han’s jealousy became evident as he sensed the bond between Leia and Luke established firmly.

Finally the emperor is dead. DarthVader is dead. Luke is Leia’s brother. Sighs of relief can be felt…or a few snores from those who have simply closed their eyes. The cheers began to erupt on screen and in the room.

Six movies and fourteen hours later it is over. The empire is dead. Now to wait for Episode VII.

(Whispers are heard of a LOTR marathon in the works.)

The Last of the Granny Witches

This is a unique look at our Southern Sisters, Granny Witches in their own right

Appalachian Ink ~ Home of Anna Wess (and Granny)

We are a peculiar breed. Our roots grow deeper than the cedars, and yet we don’t know precisely where or who it is that we grew from. We are a mystery as old as these hills themselves, and it doesn’t take much figuring to know that we are enigmas of intentional design and destiny.


God knows our names.

We are not Northerners — damn Yankees, the men folks’ Confederate influence called them — and this we know without a doubt. I myself was always preened into believing I was a Southern child, born out of notions of gallantry and romance, but the fact is, I ain’t a low country belle and I’ve never picked a shred of cotton or been to a debutante ball.

We are not peaches.

And these mountain women before us were not delicate flowers or distressed coquettes. In these old heirloom hills, the women are…

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Not a Hero

I love the way he gives examples of how working in retail would be a problem for some Christians. She is not a hero, but a very misguided woman. Hey she has the right to her beliefs, even if they land her in jail for contemp. You have to give her props for staying in jail this long when she can walk out at any time. Me personally, I’d just find a new job that didn’t bother my convictions.

Pastor Phil Anderson

Kim Davis

Well, this post may make some people a bit upset.  That is not my intent.

The more I have heard about this story, the more troubled I have become.  In case you have missed it, Kim Davis is a clerk in Rowan County, Kentucky who, due to her faith in God, feels she is taking a stand for the Lord in not issuing a marriage license to a gay couple.  As of this writing, she was arrested for her refusal.

She is a bit young in her faith and has a bit of a checkered past.  Her past marriages have been held against her by some in the media and social networks…they have been quick to label her a hypocrite.  I very much disagree with that characterization.  All of these issues took place before she found God. I firmly believe she is a new creature in Christ and…

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Ding Dong! Is She Dead Book Blitz & Giveaway with Alathia Paris Morgan

Talk Books to Me

Title: Ding Dong! Is She Dead? Nova Ladies Adventures Book #1
Author: Alathia Paris Morgan  
Genre: Mystery

It’s tough being a Nova Lady! Allie loves delivering and helping her customers until she arrives at Megan’s house to find the door broken and a trail of blood leading down the hallway.
Ding Dong!!! Is She Dead? Allie must find a way to save Megan’s daughter from the person that is determined to kill them no matter what.

Alathia Paris Morgan is a full-time Avon Independent Sales Representative who loves her customers and what she does. Helping others comes with the territory as do the funny stories from people who are just living life.
A husband, three girls and two dogs keep her busy when she is not delivering orders or working her Avon business.
In her free time she reads a lot, quilts, and watches…

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What makes a romance unique?

I found this article very thought provoking. What makes a book unique? I love her answers.

Love, Lust, and Laptops

I was scrolling through Facebook recently and caught a comment written by my pal Nita from The Book Chick Blog. Please give her a like when you check her out and let her know Rosanna sent you. In her post, she made a point about the lack of unique romance books, and it made me wonder.

What makes a romance novel unique? It’s a tough question. After all, romances are, by their very nature, predictable. We need to know the couple will unite at the end. We see the same predictability in mysteries. By the end of the book, the murderer must be revealed and (hopefully) punished. So, in this sense, can a romance be unique at all?


We do see a lot of the same romance tropes in today’s fiction, but I think audiences demand them, too. My own shape shifter series is the most popular of my…

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Bayou Stix Series Book Reviews

I loved this series and you can get all six stories in a set for only $4.99. They are normally $3.99 each so take advantage of this one time offer before it goes away.

Book 1 in the Bayou Stix By Skye Turner

*****Review***** for Alluring Turmoil

A well kept secret causes Lexi to lose the man of her dreams. When Jude walks into her business and town Lexi is not sure she will survive. After becoming reacquainted on the counter of her shop Lexi realizes that she can’t lose the love of her life again;they have to make it work. Jude doesn’t want to talk about the past,but it continues to haunt them both and neither one is prepared for the moment when it all comes back into their lives. Lexi will do anything to keep him, but is Jude willing to forgive her? I enjoyed this book and have already started the next one it was so much fun to follow these characters through the problems many couples face over time. Awesomely written and will definitely hook you into the story

Book 2 in the Bayou Stix By Skye Turner

*****Review***** for Alluring Seduction

I loved this explosive book about Jessie and Blue. From the beginning these two try to be have the last word to hide their true feelings from each other. A chance encounter in an leaves them both hungering for more, but first they have to work through their issues surrounding who they are as people. Sparks fly as each one is only willing to bend just a little to accommodate the other. After slamming the door on their relationship, Jessie has to chase Blue across the country to show her where is true affections really lie. Can he give up the crowds of women throwing themselves at his feet for a woman who will be his forever?
I couldn’t put it down. I loved these two characters and the way they reacted to each other.

Book 2.5 in the Bayou Stix By Skye Turner

****Review**** for Alluring Ties

I have devoured this series and this novella set in the middle was a nice way to give us the background on two of our favorite characters. Brandi and Erik.
Brandi: met the Stix after knowing Lexi for many years, but she met her true love through a very gorgeously gay Erik. Micah and Brandi got through a breakup and have to work out the differences in their backgrounds before they can be certain they will be a happily ever after couple.
Erik: Was certain he had met the man of his dreams and had become comfortable with being openly gay, his other half was only gay while at school. Erik has to deal with what his future holds.
This was a great book, I really wished that Brandi and Erik could have had their very own because they are so awesome themselves. I loved that we did get to see where they had been and who they became as their stories continue with the rest of the Stix crew.

Book 3 in the Bayou Stix By Skye Turner

*****Review***** For Alluring Temptation

Liam had played around with women for years, but when he finds himself suddenly babysitting his band mate’s little sister, all hell breaks loose when she continues to walk in on him and his ladies.
Clove has loved Liam forever and when he left all those years ago, he broke her heart. Now she has to put up with the revolving chorus of women through her brother’s home where she is staying.
A mishaps brings them together, but can they work through the past issues to become a couple?
When Liam almost loses Clove to a medical emergency, he is frantic. Not even being his friends little sister will keep Clove from taking center place in his life, but can Clove accept she is really the only one Liam loves?

Book 4 in the Bayou Stix By Skye Turner

*****Review***** for Alluring Infatuation

Dade’s story was a little different than his other band members because Rayne has no idea how famous he is back home. They meet on vacation and the moment they see each other, it’s an instant attraction. Spending 8 days together, Dade is called home because his sister is in the hospital. Dropping everything, he remembers to let Rayne know he is leaving when he realizes he has no way to contact her and the name she gave is not at the hotel. Miffed he heads home to take care of his emergency.
Rayne feels betrayed that the one time she has a fling, the guy stands her up just when they were starting something real. When she runs into Dade at a celebrity event and finds out who he is, she is not certain she can open her heart to being hurt again.
Dade has always been the responsible one, can he focus on his own happiness for a chance at love?
This story was different then the others and I love variety. The way each member of the band grows up from being a wild rock stars into grownups ready for a relationship. Awesome Read!!

Book 5 in the Bayou Stix By Skye Turner

*****Review***** for Alluring Surrender

Cruz’s story was the most intriguing of the series because other than a comment here or there, he really doesn’t give details about who he is until his story. Tiffany meets him at a band member’s house when there is an emergency because of her job as an EMS. Certain that there is more to the story, she becomes friends and waits months for him to make a move. Tired of waiting, she leaves him with two options: take what she is offering or walk away. Moving ahead with a relationship, it is filled with his self doubt over his past and his origins. Tiffany continues to shower him with love and even after danger comes close to breaking them up forever, she gives it one more shot. Can Cruz overcome all of his personal guilt for something he didn’t do, in time to keep the woman he loves the most?
This was the perfect ending to the series. I loved it!!!