What is my earliest childhood memory?

Blog #2 of April’s writing challenge

So here we are again for a question that made me really think…What is my earliest childhood memory?

There are two instances I vividly remember and I think it is the 1st one is the earliest because of the time line involved.

  1. Watching Star Wars—Return of the Jedi on the big screen when it first came out. Yes, I am that old and my brother was just a little baby (oneish) so I had to be three or less. My mom took us out when Jaba the Hut had Leia and we went out to the lobby for something and had to wait until the movie was over for my dad to come out.
  2. My other way back memory was when my baby brother was being born in December of 1983. My grandparents took us to see the double feature of Mickey Mouse’s Christmas Carol and Rescuers Down Under. While it may seem that we watched a lot of movies, it was a big deal for us to go to the movie theater so that is probably why I remember both of these in such vivid detail.

I know my memories are over thirty years old, but they made a distinct impression on my life. I still love Star Wars over thirty years later. In fact I totally geek out to it and Star Trek with my entire family.

The arrival of a baby brother was cool, I guess. All right he grew on me, okay? I still get the chills when the skull from the Rescuers Down Under comes on and that horrible woman makes Penny go down in the watery hole.

Some things will stay with you throughout your life and those of your children so make the best memories you can with your family because they can last you a lifetime.


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