The Star Wars Marathon at the Paris Casa.

12219342_10153281142972643_178855554165656241_n We began the day at my uncle’s house to start watching Star War’s Episode 1, The Phantom Menace around 10 am on Saturday, November 7th. Many shirts and slogans worn as everyone claimed their seats on couches and beanbags around the room. We started out with 10 in attendance and made it through in great time with a wonderful sound system that gave the feeling of being present when the races began. Young Anakin Skywalker was so cute as he gazed in wonder at the beautiful Padme’ the whisper around the room was “underage much”. JarJar Binks was pronounced annoying and we were all sad that he didn’t die at any point to relieve our frustration at his stupidity. As the movie ended we rushed to the kitchen for our food during our break.

As we scrounged around the donuts and chips with salsa, it was decided that only ten minutes would be allotted for breaks so that we could finish the marathon on time. As I sat back down in my beanbag chair with my current craft project the theme music began as we all hummed along with start of the second segment of our marathon.

Episode 2, The Attack of the Clones was met with great enthusiasm. As Anakin and the Queen became closer, there was a sudden exodus from the room to ignore the awkward moments as their love on screen could not be ignored. Heaven forbid we fast forward as that would have caused the overall authenticity of the event to be compromised. So a food refill and restroom break ensued while we check on the activity on screen until it was deemed safe to return. The movie was finished without any further cause for alarm and we raced to the kitchen to start the oven for the pizza rolls and chicken balls along with other finger food to be consumed as the next movie was started.

Episode 3, The Revenge of the Sith began and we all began to get restless. During the break we lost two of our number as they had dates for the evening, so we continued on without them.

12140768_10153281578507643_2879331486016927036_n Emotions were running high as (spoiler alert) Skywalker began to turn to the dark side. His anger grew as we waited for the moment when he made the fateful choice to embrace his fear. Comments were made about the poor younglings and how this act sealed the direction Darth Vader would follow. Unbeknownst to several of our number, a secret texting group was started to include the missing matriarch. (We didn’t want her to feel left out since she was out of town. The reason for the marathon’s creation.)

20151107_171110 “He’s here!” was the first text and the incredulous reply, “I know. I’m in the same room”.  And so it begins…

Star Wars, Episode 4 was starting as I left for a short while to attend to a family obligation, I was called back as the text messages continued and I couldn’t afford to miss much of this movie I have seen multiple times. (Sarcasm intended). When the battle station was destroyed, a scream of joy erupted, loud enough to ensure everyone was wide, awake. The feeling of exhilaration was enough to motivate the group to hurry for re-enforcements of food.

Episode 5, The Empire Strikes Back A short break later I arrived back to the scene, my chair had grown cold so I snuggled into a blanket and prepared to be wowed. I was but in a completely different way than I had expected. As they were surrounded by ice and snow, one of our crowd burst into song with “Let it Snow, Let it Snow…” The text messages and remarks continued to grow as we watched Luke with Yoda, who by the way grew old and began to show his age by hitting Luke with his cane in the way of all true geriatrics. I don’t remember there being this many snakes being here on the island. It just had to be snakes. Ugh!

The text began to fly fast and furiously between the members…

Our missing member stated, “Please stop.”(the texts) to which the group replied, ” I hope they stop the Galactic Empire as well.” (smirking to the member several states away.)

“Be mindful of asteroid fields when trying to impress a girl, it can be rocky”

“Hans will have to get the princess out on his Falcon. I’m sure he’s devastated by this news.”

“Han ‘likes’ this comment.”

“He’s rethinking that choice at the moment.”

(Missing member) “I’m getting concerned about you guys.”

“As well you should. 😉 ”


“OMG!!! Spoiler!!!”

“Spoiler alert!!!” A little too late to bring that information back, I think.

“I married the dark side, but I will not join it!”  (Speaks the missing member.)

“You will, you will.”

“Now to find Han.”

12187866_10153282115082643_6607231094471779315_n Before we began the last Episode, Return of the Jedi, we chose to have dessert, ice-cream since BlueBell is back on the shelves. As the sugar rush settled in, a quiet fell over the group as we waited for the end to occur. The cuteness of the Ewoks was discussed and everyone groaned when they died heroically. Where was Legolas when you needed him to take down the AT-ST’s?

The tenseness could be felt as Han’s jealousy became evident as he sensed the bond between Leia and Luke established firmly.

Finally the emperor is dead. DarthVader is dead. Luke is Leia’s brother. Sighs of relief can be felt…or a few snores from those who have simply closed their eyes. The cheers began to erupt on screen and in the room.

Six movies and fourteen hours later it is over. The empire is dead. Now to wait for Episode VII.

(Whispers are heard of a LOTR marathon in the works.)


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