Not a Hero

I love the way he gives examples of how working in retail would be a problem for some Christians. She is not a hero, but a very misguided woman. Hey she has the right to her beliefs, even if they land her in jail for contemp. You have to give her props for staying in jail this long when she can walk out at any time. Me personally, I’d just find a new job that didn’t bother my convictions.

Pastor Phil Anderson

Kim Davis

Well, this post may make some people a bit upset.  That is not my intent.

The more I have heard about this story, the more troubled I have become.  In case you have missed it, Kim Davis is a clerk in Rowan County, Kentucky who, due to her faith in God, feels she is taking a stand for the Lord in not issuing a marriage license to a gay couple.  As of this writing, she was arrested for her refusal.

She is a bit young in her faith and has a bit of a checkered past.  Her past marriages have been held against her by some in the media and social networks…they have been quick to label her a hypocrite.  I very much disagree with that characterization.  All of these issues took place before she found God. I firmly believe she is a new creature in Christ and…

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