Bayou Stix Series Book Reviews

I loved this series and you can get all six stories in a set for only $4.99. They are normally $3.99 each so take advantage of this one time offer before it goes away.

Book 1 in the Bayou Stix By Skye Turner

*****Review***** for Alluring Turmoil

A well kept secret causes Lexi to lose the man of her dreams. When Jude walks into her business and town Lexi is not sure she will survive. After becoming reacquainted on the counter of her shop Lexi realizes that she can’t lose the love of her life again;they have to make it work. Jude doesn’t want to talk about the past,but it continues to haunt them both and neither one is prepared for the moment when it all comes back into their lives. Lexi will do anything to keep him, but is Jude willing to forgive her? I enjoyed this book and have already started the next one it was so much fun to follow these characters through the problems many couples face over time. Awesomely written and will definitely hook you into the story

Book 2 in the Bayou Stix By Skye Turner

*****Review***** for Alluring Seduction

I loved this explosive book about Jessie and Blue. From the beginning these two try to be have the last word to hide their true feelings from each other. A chance encounter in an leaves them both hungering for more, but first they have to work through their issues surrounding who they are as people. Sparks fly as each one is only willing to bend just a little to accommodate the other. After slamming the door on their relationship, Jessie has to chase Blue across the country to show her where is true affections really lie. Can he give up the crowds of women throwing themselves at his feet for a woman who will be his forever?
I couldn’t put it down. I loved these two characters and the way they reacted to each other.

Book 2.5 in the Bayou Stix By Skye Turner

****Review**** for Alluring Ties

I have devoured this series and this novella set in the middle was a nice way to give us the background on two of our favorite characters. Brandi and Erik.
Brandi: met the Stix after knowing Lexi for many years, but she met her true love through a very gorgeously gay Erik. Micah and Brandi got through a breakup and have to work out the differences in their backgrounds before they can be certain they will be a happily ever after couple.
Erik: Was certain he had met the man of his dreams and had become comfortable with being openly gay, his other half was only gay while at school. Erik has to deal with what his future holds.
This was a great book, I really wished that Brandi and Erik could have had their very own because they are so awesome themselves. I loved that we did get to see where they had been and who they became as their stories continue with the rest of the Stix crew.

Book 3 in the Bayou Stix By Skye Turner

*****Review***** For Alluring Temptation

Liam had played around with women for years, but when he finds himself suddenly babysitting his band mate’s little sister, all hell breaks loose when she continues to walk in on him and his ladies.
Clove has loved Liam forever and when he left all those years ago, he broke her heart. Now she has to put up with the revolving chorus of women through her brother’s home where she is staying.
A mishaps brings them together, but can they work through the past issues to become a couple?
When Liam almost loses Clove to a medical emergency, he is frantic. Not even being his friends little sister will keep Clove from taking center place in his life, but can Clove accept she is really the only one Liam loves?

Book 4 in the Bayou Stix By Skye Turner

*****Review***** for Alluring Infatuation

Dade’s story was a little different than his other band members because Rayne has no idea how famous he is back home. They meet on vacation and the moment they see each other, it’s an instant attraction. Spending 8 days together, Dade is called home because his sister is in the hospital. Dropping everything, he remembers to let Rayne know he is leaving when he realizes he has no way to contact her and the name she gave is not at the hotel. Miffed he heads home to take care of his emergency.
Rayne feels betrayed that the one time she has a fling, the guy stands her up just when they were starting something real. When she runs into Dade at a celebrity event and finds out who he is, she is not certain she can open her heart to being hurt again.
Dade has always been the responsible one, can he focus on his own happiness for a chance at love?
This story was different then the others and I love variety. The way each member of the band grows up from being a wild rock stars into grownups ready for a relationship. Awesome Read!!

Book 5 in the Bayou Stix By Skye Turner

*****Review***** for Alluring Surrender

Cruz’s story was the most intriguing of the series because other than a comment here or there, he really doesn’t give details about who he is until his story. Tiffany meets him at a band member’s house when there is an emergency because of her job as an EMS. Certain that there is more to the story, she becomes friends and waits months for him to make a move. Tired of waiting, she leaves him with two options: take what she is offering or walk away. Moving ahead with a relationship, it is filled with his self doubt over his past and his origins. Tiffany continues to shower him with love and even after danger comes close to breaking them up forever, she gives it one more shot. Can Cruz overcome all of his personal guilt for something he didn’t do, in time to keep the woman he loves the most?
This was the perfect ending to the series. I loved it!!!


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