My life as an author!!

Creative Writing Concept With Pencils, Coffee Cup, Notepad and Crumpled Paper on Table, Top View.

Creative Writing Concept With Pencils, Coffee Cup, Notepad and Crumpled Paper on Table, Top View.

It’s been a few weeks, but every time I tried to work on anything, but finishing my current story, I couldn’t. Writer’s block of a different kind, writer’s blog. I finally got the story finish. I squeezed all of the emotions and thoughts my characters needed to sayout. Thankfully those characters are only finished for now.

That is the joy of being an author, yes I can finally call myself an author, I can write about what I want to when I want to. This is so exciting to be able to see the things you dream and think about on paper in a printed book form. People have started adding it to my lists of accomplishments and it kind of freaks me out. I start thinking, “Who me?” as I look over my should to see this person that wrote an amazing book is. So I’m claiming it. I AM AN AUTHOR.

No the masses haven’t run out to buy my book, (although if you want to I certainly won’t stop you.) You know how there is that one thing you always wanted to do, the top of your bucket list? Well that is what writing…wait not just writing, but publishing a book means for me.

I wanted to write stories shortly after I started reading, but what I didn’t know was that it would take a tragic event to make it a reality. I started several times to write two different stories and neither one have made it into books. I finally went with a world I know about, a sales lady who has adventures. I had to write because life is too short to wait until retirement to start living. I want to live life as it happens and wait for that perfect moment to show up. I could spend my whole life waiting for it, instead I worked for it and made it a reality.

I have always enjoyed the way I could lose myself in a story and then come up with a new story where I could be the lead character, my own twist on what I read. Now will my books have parts where I seem like I am the lead character? No, because when I developed those ideas it was so I could get out of my own world and be transformed into another. I will have moments when my humor shows up or some of my quirks, but I am not the characters of the books I write.

To make a story happen though I have to go sit in my office and block out all distractions. Especially facebook which I allow my self to enjoy after I hit my goal then I get a break. I have to work when the children and my hubby are in bed and the world is quiet. It takes a certain mindset to work on a story. If someone writes a horrible review or if they don’t like a character, then there is some part of a writer that hears the voices speaking as they go to craft their new work and it distracts them. The same goes when we get a great review or a rave on our characters. Suddenly the words flow and you need to write, right that moment.

Just like any type of job, it takes work and planning, many hours of making sure it comes out when it is supposed to. So if you wonder why there are hunks of my hair missing or I growl when you text me during crunch time, you’ll know it just means I’m creating something good and you can take the journey into my new world shortly.

Welcome to my life as an author!!


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