Easter and the Easter Plays.

pizap.com14282961007661So many have asked me why I won’t attend an Easter Play or watch “Passion” type movies. Here is my answer about to that question. I don’t like to see Jesus tortured. Pretty unusual from my normal viewing preferences which include numerous crime shows and the Walking Dead series.

So here is the problem, if you were good friends or related to someone would you be able to watch their crucifixion or the beatings that occurred before hand? Of course not. Most actors that are interviewed have a very different perspective after they have played the part of Jesus. They have an understanding of what it took to be innocent and then killed in such a public way. I don’t like to see anyone abused, tortured or murdered, but for me it goes far beyond those ideas. I see it that Jesus took my place in that spot because he loved me. Now I know there is no way that I could have done what he did and when I think about that I don’t like to see it happen to him. There is no way to describe the amount of love that his act on that cross displays to those who want a relationship with him. How many of us can say that someone was willing to die in our place? Even when they don’t really like us were they just doing their job? It’s really no big deal, right? I think it is a pretty amazing and heroic thing to do, past, present or future.

Soldiers have problems when one of their unit or team takes a life altering bullet for them. Sometimes they can’t see what their teammate was saving them for because they feel worthless and that they have nothing to contribute to those around them.

I love what Jesus did for me and I will try not to take his sacrifice and love for granted. I will help those around me as often as possible. He gave me a chance to live a full life here on earth, so whether that is short or long it’s all in how I live it.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t celebrate Easter or agree with my views, what matters is how you view your life. So how are you living your life? What kind of a difference will you make in the lives of those around you?


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