New Year’s Resolutions, Affairs, and Exercise!

fitness equipment isolated on white backgroundWe all know that by late January most New Year’s resolutions have died out or slowed down. The majority of the good ideas or plans that we make during the holidays to start the new year out right; fade quickly because we are not completely committed to the idea. I mean how many of us really want to go on a six-eight week diet? Or exercises that will make us lean and sexy and motivate us to rise at 5am each morning? Despite most of our good intentions; the resolutions leave us long before they have become a habit in our daily lives.

This year I did not make any big resolutions for two reasons: #1 I hurt/broke my ankle the week of Christmas so that made exercise a no go for a resolution. #2 I always have an allergy reaction to Cedar pollination, which equals a huge cold/cough Kleenex pile that makes resolutions never happen in January. So instead I did something that has motivated me to get with the exercise as the problems above are resolving.

I had an amazing day dream…I went to a convention and met the man of my celebrity dreams and of course he wanted to date me and eventually marry me. Then I woke up to reality where the real problems stand between me and my imaginary future mate. Starting with the fact that I’m married and thus have to take my husband out of the picture. (Writers have all sorts of stories running through their brains.) I have had three children so my body shape is long gone, I would have to get toned, pluck the eyebrows, and possibly shave my legs on a regular basis. (Like twice daily instead of every few days.) Then I realized that all of these things that I was writing on a check list were things that I really need to do anyway simply for me.

While those that have personally met me know that exercise is equal to saying a bad word in my house. I have decided to do this for myself. Now don’t go expecting drastic changes to my appearance, there will be no dresses or heels worn in the remaking of my oversized body. Before anyone thinks that this is sad because I am changing who I am for… oh wait myself. There are always things that we all wish were different and many of those things are not changeable. Some things are and since that is the case I am going to work toward the goal that if I were to meet my fictional boyfriend, I would feel great about myself instead of wishing I had worked out more or eaten one less piece of cake.

All that said I am told that without exercise it is a real possibility that I could be diabetic in the next few years or months. If that were to happen I would have a much larger lifestyle change than just a few ab or butt workouts. So in the long run I would like to live longer and feel better about my total image than looking in the mirror and wishing someone could change things.

Also in case of a zombie outbreak do you really think that I could make it more than a month? Out of shape people do not survive when you need to outrun zombies. Just saying that I have more than one reason to get in shape. So what will be your motivation that will help you work toward whatever goal is important to you?


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