The terrible, horrible never ending week.

So my bad week started last Wednesday evening. I had known for a while that my computer need to be backed up and cleaned out. It had been running slowly and getting worse for a month or so. When I went to do all that fun computer mumbo jumbo, guess what I found? Yep a virus. Not just any virus, Pirates were afoot in my computer. It had spread from my home computer to my newer laptop and I believe that it is on my phone as well.

I then called the computer guy to see when he could start work like now of course. It was a 911 urgent text, so this nice guy came the next day and got my computers. It felt like I was giving my children away to a stranger for the weekend. He brought it back on Sunday and I of course got started checking it all out. I started backing it up to a drive so that I wouldn’t lose all that important stuff again. Wait!!! The virus was still there. Now, I know that he took lots of viruses off of my computer, but this one was made just for your personal stuff and multiplied if you try to open or download it. The Pirates wanted me to spend almost $800 for a simple code that would unencrypt my own work. Needless to say, I will not be paying for their services and the computer guy is going to wipe the computer since it can’t be saved anyway.

Two and half days with out my computer and then my child came home from school sick with a fever, cough and diarrhea. Yeah team!!! Just what every mother wants to have for the weekend.
Then today since I was home with the sick child, I come back into the room and go to turn on the tv. Nothing happens and I assume that I must put new batteries in the remote. Oh, no. It was the tv that I earned from my job less than two months ago, not turning on anymore. Wait that is not the end. They can come out to fix it, but without the receipt they will charge me to fix it and for the service call. Why wouldn’t they charge me because I was given this awesome tv because of my hard work? Just the way my life works most days, although it is usually just one crisis at a time.
I can only attribute all this fun stuff to my world having been happy lately while life has been good. Now of course I am pulling out my hair trying to make everything work out.

I am thankful that we are healthy or almost back to that, with a laptop that works and time to work on my book that needs writing.

Rant over, resume your normally scheduled life. I know that I am trying too.


3 thoughts on “The terrible, horrible never ending week.

  1. Hang in there mommy! This is just life, some days it shines, some days it sucks. I have discovered that blogging about my life, especially the happy things, makes me feel better on the sucky days. I will follow your blog, and you can follow mine if you like. I am also trying to write a book while selling Avon and doing physical therapy 3x a week, fighting with social security, taking care of my parents while they are taking care of me, trying to get control of my life back at the age of 55 when I should be getting ready to sit back and take it easy! But NO! Life isn’t like that is it!? May the angels stand guard over your and your family! Susan


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