Getting to know me!!

So I am trying this blogging thing. Supposedly it helps to clear the soul out and let you share all of your thoughts on the big world platform. Who knew that we wanted to have people know everything about us?

About me: I have been a closet writer for many years, but didn’t feel that I had the time or opportunity to actually work on a book. I have only been working on my first published story for the past six months, but I have to say that my perspective has changed in the way that I read books now. I became an avid book collector because that was the only way I could find enough books to read by haunting library sales and used book stores. Now, my collection numbers over 6000 books and many want to know if I have read them all…not yet, I still need a little mystery in my life. My tastes vary from YA fiction to paranormal romance to westerns and crime/mystery/suspense thrillers with a little bit of erotica thrown in for fun. I manage to fit in 3-5 books a week in between all the other fun stuff that comes with being a mommy and a business owner. 

I have been happily married for 10 years last month to Hoyt and we have three lovely daughters who keep life from becoming boring.   

Being a mom and wife definitely doesn’t define me, but they are a large part of the woman that I am and what makes me who I am. My family are the ones that teach me the best life lessons in such unexpected ways.

As an Independent Sales Representative for Avon for almost 10 years now, I have enjoyed my customers and team through lots of interesting times, which I will share in later blogs as you get to know me.

I intend for my blog to cover lots of fun topics as I come across stories that will make you laugh and cry. I will bring up things that will make you question where you stand from a unique perspective. I will be reviewing and recommending books that I love or some that might need a little work. Hey, we all have to start somewhere, so here is mine start beginning with this blog.


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